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So what’s it all about? Every year the club will divide all our members into 4 teams and they will compete to be the best Hurling team in the Valley. It all starts with draft night in late April, the league jerseys are handed out to team members and the league is ready to begin. Every Thursday evening from May to late August the teams will do battle for the Purtell/Jones Trophy. The Lehigh Valley Hurling league is a great way for new hurlers to get there first game action. Through out April the club will host beginner clinics, so all our new members are up to speed before the league starts in May. If you would like to get involved then register below.

When? Thursday nights from May-Aug


League Location:

Congratulations to Jack Callaghans, 2015 League Champs.

LV Hurling League 2015

2015 Lehigh Valley Hurling League Match Reports:

Lehigh Valley Hurling League playoff recap:

The LVHL has rolled into the business end of the season with playoff time here already. Commissioner McFadden delivered on him promise to get a local journalist to document this historic event and with the help of the Hibernians social media department, a large crowd had gathered to soak up the action. The raucous crowd even provoked an ice cream truck to stop by.

Game 1: Jack Callaghan’s 4-10 (22) Vs HiJinx Brewery 4-5 (17)

The first game pitted the number 2 and 3 seeds against each other in a highly entertaining game. HiJinx started off much on the brighter side and opened up the scoring in the initial exchange. The Jackals couldn’t quite convert the early pressure into scores as Callaghan’s defense held firm. Just then the Big Bad Wolves awoke from their slumber with a slick short passing game that kick started their offensive attack into high gear. At times they looked like the 2013 Clare team but at other times they looked more like the 2015 Philadelphia Phillies. Nevertheless, Callaghan’s full forward line was making it count on the scoreboard and put the Wolves into a commanding lead. As the half drew to a close, the Jackals were starting to get desperate. HiJinx captain, “Your not so friendly neighbor” Nick, took a leaf out of Mike Tyson’s playbook and took a chunk out of Cormac’s “Holyfield” ear. The dirty antics seemed to inspire the HiJinx team as they began to find their way back into the game with scores from “Hat trick” Jimmy and Nick “Tyson” Kennedy. With only minutes left to play, the Jackals found themselves down by 6 points and in desperate need of goals. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow HiJinx squeezed the sliotar between Tom Manion and the goalpost to reduce the deficit to just one goal. Confusion between the umpires questioned the legitimacy of the goal and it was later discover that Barret had accepted a bribe (Pinchpenny Ale) from HiJinx Brewery. The HiJinx crew had little time to celebrate as Callaghan’s swiftly moved the ball down field and killed the game off with a goal from Captain “Fay-tastic”.

Game 2: Volpe’s 6-4 (22) Vs Colony Meadery 3-5 (14)

Volpe’s Sportsmen, in search of their first legitimate win of the year, were eager to put things right before the league ended. They squared off against a Colony Meadery side plagued by injuries and missing their top player, Chris Campbell. It was up to “Promo” Joe and Danny “Tayto” O’Donnell to do all the heavy lifting in the absence of Colony’s top scorer, TJ Hirsch. The “red helmet” had deserted his team in their hour of need and traveled to New Orleans to compete in a Gumbo eating contests. Joe’s tried to guard every open man on the field but his valiant defensive effort did little to frazzle a Volpe’s side determined to reach the league final. The Sportsmen were roaming around the pitch so freely that at times it seemed like they were playing with an extra man. When all was said and done, Volpe’s notched their first league win and picked the most opportune time to do so.

Still 2 questions remain unanswered for the LVHL 2015 campaign:

Can Volpe’s complete their Cinderella story by spoiling Jack Callaghan’s bid for back-to-back championships?
And who will be crowned king of the Bridgeworks Center in the toilet bowl final between Colony Meadery and HiJinx Brewery?
All will be revealed at the league finals this Thursday 6:00PM @ Fountain Park

Lehigh Valley Hurling League week 5 recap:

High temperatures and even higher scoring totals sums up week 5 of the Lehigh Valley Hurling league. Fountain Park normally packed on a Thursday night; only saw the likes of the hurlersand the Kenyan soccer club due to the heat. And we know that most of the hurlers only showed up for the post-game Mead slushies. A record 135 pts were scored over the two games which can mean only one of two things; either the forwards were on fire, or the defense was nonexistent. I believe it was a little bit of both, as at one stage, smoke was actually seen rising off the head of TJ and Jay; we’re not sure if it was due to the temperature, or their GoPro camera was steaming just trying to keep up with the speed of their play. A GoPro camera hasn’t been worked so hard since the recording of Felix Baumgartner’sSpace Jump. Pat “the sticky bandit” O’Donnell claims that he is the only one on the Hibs that can do a bit of defending. Clearly that is not the case since the Hibs only allowed 1 goal in 6 games last weekend in State College to win the first Battle of PA tournament! Pat’s absence was only missed for his refereeing services

Game 1: Volpe’s 8-10 (34) Vs. The Colony Meadery 7-12(33)*

The game started off with an unsustainable pace as the Woofiedogs burst into an early lead. Joe “man-in-tights”McFadden, normally busy selling Hibs merchandise, but in this game he was selling the Sportsmen fake hand passes and they were buying them up, as he produced the score of the night. A close second in the box score was Tim O’Brien who kicked a point in the first half as if it was like watching the ending of Rocky 2. Tim, Jay, and Jimmy collided in front of the box with all three crashing to the ground; the crowd waited with bated breath to see who would be the first to rise. Much like a flounder flopping around a boat deck, up popped Tim “Balboa” O’Brien minus his hurley, and kicked the sliotar over the bar. Woofiedogs pace finally slowed and the Sportsmen found their way back into the game before the half with a flurry of goals from the pallbearer, Connor O’Donnell.

The second half was tit for tat as Barrett and Connor’s FF play was matching Tim and TJ on the other side of the pitch. For large parts of the second half, it didn’t even look like there was any defenders on the field as both sets of forwards were unstoppable. In fact the scores happened so quickly that “Neighbor” Nick didn’t have time to credit the individual scores.As the minutes ticked down in the game so did the energy levels. By the time the final whistle blew you could expect tosee more movement from some of the clientele at the O’Donnell’s Funeral Home than most of the players on both teams.

*This game is under protest and official scoring is subject to video review.

Game2: Jake Callaghan’s 11-12 (45) Vs. HiJinx 5-8 (23)

Score early and score often was the plan for the Wolves all-star lineup and they executed it to perfection as they put up a single game league record 45 points. Slick passing, movement,and the forward combination of Jay and Fay were impossible for HiJinx to stop. The Jackals were doing everything in their power to collect their first win, even trying to knock out Goalie Jonesy with a hurl to the head. Brian Slevin was back for the Jackalsand he was in flying form, racking up points left and right and “Hat Trick” Jimmy was living up to his nickname as usual. There is only so much two men can do and with Brian’s back still hurting from carrying the Hibs last weekend at the “Battle of PA”, the Jackals were destined for another loss. More importantly they were able to field five of their own players (even if half of them were injured “hamstrings” Kearns and Kevin “stitches”) to collect a participation point and move off the bottom of the table. Maybe next week Volpe’s will take a leaf out of HiJinx book and field a full team of their own.

Best of Luck on Sunday.

Up the Hibs!

Lehigh Valley Hurling League week 4 recap:

After all the excitement from the high scoring week 3 matchups, the word had spread across the Valley and the largest crowd in league history gathered at Fountain Park for week 4. The patrons sure got the price of admission. Truthfully, people heard we were handing out free t-shirts (AKA Jersey night) and who doesn’t like a free t-shirt, even if its neon yellow. The draw of a free t-shirt was enough to entice the players from both HiJinx and Volpe’s to come out. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm did not show on the hurling field.

Game 1: Callaghan’s 7-15 (36) Vs Volpe’s 1-7 (10)

Their previous encounter produced a thrilling game so the onlookers were hoping for more of the same. However the matchup never lived up to the week 1 billing as the Wolvesdominated in every department and showed why they sit atopthe league with their free flowing hurling skills. Callaghan’sforward line was thriving on good quality balls being delivered by “Micky” Friel and Cormac “incognito” Staroselec. Callaghan’s captain, Antony Fay, was fresh out of the Dentist chair but the lack of feeling in his face didn’t affect his concentration for the task at hand. When he wasn’t drooling on his new league jersey, he was punishing Volpe’s lackluster defense.

The lone highlight of the game for Volpe’s was the warm-welcome return of Hibs legend, Tom Manion. Tom, well known for his potent ground hurling game and total disregard for the rule book, was deployed as Volpe’s full forward. FB Pat O’Donnell was saddled with the daunting task of marking Tom and due to the fact that Pat didn’t bring his shin guards, he wisely gave Tom plenty of room to operate. Unfortunately, not even the inspirational return of Tom “hatchet-man” Manion could lift the Sportsmen to the same heights of last week’sperformance and the classy Callaghan’s ran out easy winners.

Game 2 Colony Meadery 3-15 (24) Vs HiJinx 4-4 (16)

Colony Meadery, on the back of their nail-biting loss to Callaghan’s in week 3, were eager to return to thier winning ways. HiJinx team certainly looked the part in their new pond blue jerseys and they were ready to put up a good fight against the high flying Woofiedogs. The Mead men were full of energy, especially the midfield play from Danny “Donkey” O’Donnell who was charged up on 6 Yocco’s hotdogs a 3 bags of Tayto’s. At times it appeared the Donkey was moving so fast his feet never touched the ground. Meadery forced themselves into the lead through the hard work of Tim and TJ but they were finding life difficult as Ian “Cork” Kearns gave them little space to workwith. The Jackals were doing everything in their power to hang with the big ‘dogs but were finding it difficult to break throughthe resilient defense from Ian B and “Promo” Joe. A flurry of long distance scores put the Meadery into a commanding half time lead.

HiJinx made a few tactical changes at the half, moving the man from Cork up to a more attacking position. The move started to pay off straight away. When Ian wasn’t pulling across the back of his teammates’ legs, he was connecting with “Neighbor” Nick and “Hat Trick” Jimmy for easy scores. While others were quickly fading, “Hat Trick” Jimmy lived up to his name with alate scoring spree but the Jackals were doomed to another defeat.

Best of luck to all the Hibernians traveling out to state college tomorrow to compete in the Battle of PA against Pittsburgh, Philly, the University of Pitt.

See you all next week.

LV Hurling League 2015

Lehigh Valley Hurling League week 3 recap:

Week 3 of the Lehigh Valley Hurling League brought together a great match up between the table topping Meadery and Callaghan’s. Early season form would suggest that both teams are destined to meet in the final and if it’s half as good as last night performance, we are in for A-treat.

Game1: Callaghan’s 8-9 (35) Colony Meadery 6-12 (30)

This eagerly awaited matchup between league leaders did little to disappoint the large crowd gathered at Fountain Park. The excitement levels were so high that fans flocked to the park at 5pm in order to get a good seat for the hottest ticket in town.
The action was thick and fast as the Woofiedogs jumped into an early lead through scores from TJ and “Promo” Joe but it was short lived as the highly influential Wolves team captain “Fay” was quick to respond with a few scores of his own. A fierce battle was taking place between Callaghan’s Full back Pat O’Donnell and Meadery FF TJ Hirsch, Pat was doing everything in his power to slow TJ scoring ability which included using the dark arts of hurling. The methods were working in the early going but the Woofiedogs were finding scores from distance through the hard work of Tim “flounder” O’Brien and Danny “ Sharp shooter” O’Donnell. Callaghan’s continued to keep their noses in front through the FF pairing of Jay and Fay. Jay produced one of the scores of the season with a move that could only be reproduced by players in places like Kilkenny or Tipperary; he skillfully brought the sliotar down from out of the air with his hurley, soloed through the heart of the defense and stuck the sliotar into the back of the net follow by a huge roar from the adoring crowd. HT score Calaghans 4-4 (16) Meadery 3-6 (15).

The second half continued at the same helter Skelton pace as the first half, with only 2 minutes in the players were already inquiring about how much time was remaining. Little separated the teams in the opening second half exchanges, TJ finally got his Hurley back from Pat “the bandit” O’Donnell and started to put his stamp onto the game. His two late goals put Meadery into a one point lead. With time ticking away the stage was set for another great finish. This time it would be Jay that was the hero for Callaghan’s as he bagged two goals at the death to win the game and propel the wolves to the top to the table.

Game 2 Volpe’s 9-11 (38) HiJinx 5-2(17)

Another week and another new line-up for both the Sportsmen and Jackals as their respective coaches were looking to shake things up once again. Trying to identify the real lineup for both teams is harder than identifying the members of the Insane Clown posse. It was believed that many of the players from both teams were eager to get some last minute golf practice in and decided to go to the driving range in hopes of winning the big $400 golf classic prize.

Volpe’s subs scored early and scored often through their FF pairing that looked a lot like TJ and Fay. The HiJinx boys were doing their best to hang on but not even a hat trick from “hat trick” Jimmy could keep them in the game as both teams remain firmly routed to the bottom of the table. In the words of Yoga Berra “it’s getting late early” and both team need to start picking up the pace if they are to catch the wolf pack.

See you all at the Blue Shamrock Golf Club tomorrow.

Lehigh Valley Hurling League week 2 recap

Week two of pub league action served up another classic night of Hurling. It started with Jonesy calling in a MISPER (missing person report) for a number of hurlers and finished with a “Micky” Friel goal just like week one. The hurling was fast and furious with some fine scores taken from way out the field.

Game 1 HiJinx 4-6 (18) Callaghans 3-14 (23)
Silver wolves (Callaghan’s) jumped into an early lead and never looked like giving it up. The return of Jay inspired the silver wolves into a scoring frenzy that put them into a commanding 9 point lead. This lead was reduced to 6 with one of the scores of the night from “neighbor” Nick, his solo effort handed the Jackals (HiJinx) a life line for the second half. The Jackals made some changes to their backline line in order to try and defuse the electric forward play of Jay and Rookie Adam. It took little time for Jay to expose Mahon’s defensive frailties and scored a goal to put the silver wolves firmly back in the driving seat. The Jackals wouldn’t go down without a fight and with some fine scores from Tim and “Hat Trick” Jimmy they never looked out of it, but the Callaghan lads were not to be denied their first league win of the season.

Game 2 Volpe’s 5-6 (21) Colony Meadery 4-4 (16)

Woofiedogs (Colony Meadery) on the back of an impressive win over the Jackals (HiJinx) were keen to continue where they left off from week 1. They started much the brighter side and eased into the lead with a great score from Danny “the Donkey” O’Donnell who was sporting the new Woofiedog’s away kit of a yellow shirt and denim jeans. The Woofiedog’s looked in control but the new look Sportsmen (Volpe’s) side finally kicked into action with a flurry of goals late in the first half from rookie Derek, Dave and Pat O’Donnell. With the Woofiedogs down by 9 point at half time it was decided that Henrik Lundqvist be replaced in goal with the ever steady Dave Jones. The brave decision paid off as they found their way back into the game with clinical finishing from “Flounder”. Then “promo” Joe stepped up to the plate and delivered a goal in the late stages of the game to claw the Mead men back to within 2 points. The closing action was frantic as the Sportsmen held on for dear life and did whatever they could to maintain the lead. In the late stages of the game an ambulance was nearly called as several players suffering from exhaustion clasped onto the ball; they were later treated with large doses of HiJinx beer at Jack Callaghan’s hospital. The game was finally put to bed by another late goal from “Micky” Friel to hand the revamped Sportsmen side their first win.

Lehigh Valley Hurling League week 1

League Recap of Wk1

The Lehigh Valley Hurling League has finally returned and the opening week was highly entertaining. Thanks to everyone for coming out especially our four rookies (Derek, Meghan, Dan and Kevin) who played great in their league debut.

Game 1
Battle of the brew masters: Colony Meadery 5-7 (22) Vs HiJinx Brewery 2-1 (7)

In the first game, the Woofiedog’s (Colony Meadery) put down a marker for the other teams and showed their ambitions for league glory. Straight from the throw in, TJ won possession and soloed down the field for the first score of the game. Only seconds prior to his solo run, he informed his captain, Ian B., that he wasn’t fit enough to play midfield; let’s just say, God help the rest of us when he’s fully fit.
The midfield combination of TJ and “Promo” Joe along with Colony’s strong defense had them in a commanding lead at half time. However the Jackals (HiJinx) could never be ruled out of the contest with “Hat Trick” Jimmy leading the front line and Cork native Ian Kearns putting in a strong performance in the middle of the park. The rookies were also doing well for both sides as they battled right to the end. Danny “the Donkey” O’Donnell was sprung from the bench to put the final nail in the Jackal’s coffin as he easily slotted one point from distance and sealed the win for Colony Meadery.

Game 2
Pub throw down: Jack Callaghan’s 3-7 (16) Vs Volpe’s 4-4 (16)

This game was nip and tuck all the way as both teams were evenly matched in all departments. The O’Donnell brothers, Connor and Pat, were commanding their respective backlines; they made life difficult for the full forwards as they easily mopped up every ball that came their way. The midfield match up was an intriguing battle of Cormac and “Micky” Friel vs. Trevor and Dan Q; both pairings exchanged scores in the early going but it was the captain of the defending champs, Anthony Fay, that was leading by example and put his team in front at the half.
Captain “Fay”tastic continued to dominate in the second half using his basketball skills to pluck the ball from the air and totaled an impressive 2-4 from play. Volpe’s were on the ropes but Barrett kept them hanging on by a thread. Eventually Mahon awoke from his slumber to score two late goals and leap frog the Sportsmen (Volpe’s) into a 2pt lead with just 2 minutes remaining. The Griffins (Callaghan’s) were not done by any means; they easily marched the ball down field and popped it out to Mike who drilled it into the top corner of the goal. With only seconds remaining on the clock, it looked like Friel had sealed the victory for Callaghan’s, but a quick puck out found its way to Connor who used the maximum amount of steps to pick out a perfect pass to Dan Quay. Dan battled his way through traffic and lifted a weak sided shot through the uprights that tied the game in the waning moments. It was a fitting end to a great night of hurling.

See you all next week back at Fountain Park.

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