Hurling USA

As the Irish emigrated to the US in large numbers they continued to celebrate there traditions and brought the game of Hurling with them. Newspaper reports from the 1850s refer to occasional matches played in San Francisco, New Jersey and New York City. The first game of hurling played under GAA rules outside of Ireland was played on Boston Commons in June 1886.
Traditionally, hurling was a game played by Irish immigrants within there Irish communities in cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Over recent years clubs are springing up in other places where they consist of predominantly American-born players who bring a new dimension to the game and actively seek to promote it as a mainstream sport. Currently, the Milwaukee Hurling Club, with 300 members, is the largest Hurling club in the world outside of Ireland, which is made of all Americans and very few Irish immigrants. Hurling clubs are located through out the country from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon and from Orland FL to San Diego CA.

Hurling is governed by the New York GAA within the New York region and by the North American County Board (NACB) for the rest of the country. Ever year on labour day weekend the NACB teams from across the country compete for National honors. The video clip shows the 2013 national final from Cleveland.

Hurling has also begun to take hold within university’s with teams in such places like the University of Connecticut, Stanford, Purdue, and Indiana University to name but a few. On Memorial Day Weekend of 2011, the first ever National Collegiate GAA championship was played. The 2014 National Collegiate championship will be held in New York. (reference Wikipedia Hurling)

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